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We have a lame situation now, where dominant BT acts like the sole contractor to the UK Gov.

There is no innovation put forward by BT themselves (off their own back). We, the taxpayer, have to fund and tell BT what techincal improvements we need (via technically incompetent Government direction), and if we don't, the contractor (BT) does nothing.

BT knowing full well they have a good enough income stream with the existing (taxpayer funded) FTTC and EE Mobile Network to see them through to 2030 providing a limited (but very profitable) subset of the overall UK customer base. BT don't care because they know they can hold the UK to ransom.

The pace of technological change no longer needs to be set by BT, because BT know the UK as whole, will set this for them and pay them handsomely, through sheer deperation to compete in the World Economy, in order to keep up. BT don't have to do any real investment themselves.

I mean, why would BT want to upgrade its Network to a true/pure Fibre FTTP 1Gbps+ Network now they own EE, when it would obsolete the data speeds (and the income) of 3G/4G EE overnight.

The CMA (Competiton and Markets Authority) / Ofcom decision regarding BT/EE merger was incredulous, to say there was no market overlap between EE/BT. For anyone technically versed in such matters that decision comes across as technically skewed at best. At worse, highly likely corruption took place.

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