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>So when you take over my high performance F3F fully composite carbon fibre glider flying at over 100mph...

Realistically, if you're doing any kind of timed speed run you should be on a course where a crash will not hit anyone. You can't rely 100% on radio communications and the integrity of the plane's structure so its better to be safe than have to deal with the paperwork involved in hitting someone or something.

You have to use common sense when flying. I fly 3 and 4 meter ships myself (RES and full-house) and they're kept away from structures and roads even if the thermals are inviting -- its better to land and relaunch than risk alienating a neighbor or (worse) having a crash. As for radio interference I'm still on 72MHz (USA) because 2.4GHz at our regular flying field has started to become problematical -- it works but you've got to be careful where you fly. (And yes.. you do get morons who think its cool to shoot down planes; we had to track one with a direction finder some years back. Fortunately they're a tiny minority.)

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