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Re: Not all of London has 'superfast' Broadband

Do you ever stop pushing the well worn BT biased line 'FTTP is expensive, FTTC is cheap', bullshit?

Maybe you should have read the article (or even just the headline) more carefully.

You (my highlghting): FTTC rollout is only headline 'superficially cheaper', when you specifically select 'easy' rollout locations where there are existing cabinets

And from the article:He said the measures are "part of a package aimed at keeping businesses in the UK" and are not really intended to improve connectivity outside of major cities.

Your points about cost and location are valid. Unfortunately they are not relevant to this news article. Nor, consequently, as a criticism of my response. In the areas this funding is going to target FTTC is considerably cheaper than FTTP.

Mind you they have been talking about 'gold standard fibre' and if they are targeting businesses FTTP makes more sense than FTTC so you may well get your wish.

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