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Do you ever stop pushing the well worn BT biased line 'FTTP is expensive, FTTC is cheap', bullshit?

FTTC rollout is only headline 'superficially cheaper', when you specifically select 'easy' rollout locations where there are existing cabinets, where it suits selective FTTC rollout. If you had 20 spaced out rural hamlets of groups of 10 houses. or less, to cover - the maths for choosing FTTC, don't stack in its favour. When you include the long term maintenance too, sweating the copper carcass is in the interests of BT and no one else.

Rurally in Wales, the choice of FTTC over FTTP was the wrong one (outside a few market towns, within the town itself). FTTC has been expensive, while leaving large gaps in 'upto' coverage. FTTC not cheaper overall, if you still need to infill the areas with FTTP that FTTC misses, which is now the case in Wales.

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