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"IF" "The police have been able to MONITOR kiddy-diddlers (Judges/Government types & Media Loves) (ETC)" HOW in Heck can they track them if they switch off recording CCTV when they commit crime? ...... because I have letters from Manchester Police (and a digital recording of Perfidious Albion Judges) lying/claiming that the Recording CCTV that undoubtedly proved me innocent at Manchester International Airport that lying police/Judges say:- "Was not recording", when we also have a letter from the Airport itself stating:- "The CCTV was recording" but that:- "No crime was recorded" where I was accused, and where I was attacked by police and hospitalized, and Police & Judges lied by telling me & my lawyer that:- "The CCTV does not record" when the Airport wrote to tell us it Does record, and that they delete it after 30 days if the police do not allow it to be retained...... How?

Basically; "It records if you (the public) do something wrong", and "It does not record when they (Public authorities) do something wrong". Its the CCTV designed purely for the crime syndicate called Perfidious Albion.

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