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Perfidious Albion

Physical Evidence available of UK Crimes.

Not only are they criminal Peeping Toms, but Perfidious Albion does not allow human rights IN PRACTICE for heterosexual white males and their families. Police Delete CCTV proving the innocence of such, and they persistently fabricate evidence that they were not allowed to put before a Crown Court, they assault you, hospitalise you and prevent you from getting defence evidence, and even try mislead your Lawyer, and provide such a story to them that even they cannot believe you are innocent of what you are accused (and are unable to even accept photographic evidence); even after official documentation proves police get rid of Witnesses who support you the accused. Furthermore, for decades the Judges who cover up the crimes of the police and Social Services are recorded committing Human Rights crimes, but the Judges even cover up Social Services trying to thieve your children, and tell you to "forget about it".

So; my family and I moved to a country with the death penalty, because that disgusting Island is too unfit for ordinary families to live in. We had to close our business and sell the family home to emigrate.

If you want the proof, you only need to ask; but the criminals in charge of the UK will wreck your family life also if you try and do anything about it.

We have video, photographs, official documentation and Court voice recordings (Judges lying and denying us our Human Rights), and other evidence too substantial to list here.

Historically; Probably the police (Chiefs) overlook the Judges crimes against young boys, so the police can (literally) get away with murder to the non-Jewish, non-Muslim non-gay working class.

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