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"How can spying on innocent people be legal?" - well, how are the Plod supposed to know who's "innocent" before they've done any investigating?

Seriously, this is the 300 kg gorilla that never seems to get mentioned here: you can't spy on terrorists and kiddie fiddlers without also spying on you and me. It's logically (and very likely legally) impossible. If we don't want that to happen, then the Powers will also need to find (stick to) alternative ways to spy on Bad People.

"If I disagree with government policy and try to look up stuff from an opposing view, then they know all about it. They can visit me in night and silence me." - well sure, but only if they're willing to do that to (quite literally) half the population, and nobody has time for that. Not yet, anyway.

"How is it legal to make laws that only apply to certain people?" - short answer, Parliament can make whatever laws it likes, subject (to a limited degree) to precedent and constitution and international treaties. Longer answer, this is by far the worst aspect of the act, and if you want to point to an aspect that is totally indefensible on any plausible grounds, this is the weak spot.

"I pray we get invaded" - please drop the hyperbole. Being invaded is never pleasant. If you genuinely wish for that, you're an idiot.

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