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"A site blocking their images because you blocked their tracking cookie is malicious, bad. (Guardian and others)."

TuCows did this years ago. They directed all file download request via they ad server. Block the ad server and no downloads for you. So I went somewhere else for my "free", PD, shareware, open source stuff. That was about the time I first installed FreeBSD on the spare computer. Now I don't use any of those file download libraries because now I don't use Windows either. TuCows and their ad tracking shenanigans were a direct result of MS losing my business (amongst other reasons, natch!) Now I just install NoScript and Ghostry and am careful about which sites I allow through my defences. It's a balance between whether I deem the site useful and so will "pay" with a bit of my privacy. I don't really mind a site tracking my visits. I do mind facebook, google and their ilk tracking me on sites they don't own.

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