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"Regardless of the technicality of how the EU works the sentiment is the same. And that is the problem! People feel disconnected from the people who hold power in EU, more so than even domestic government - which has its own problems."

But, as mentioned above, that's UK gov telling us that all the problems are caused by "the nasty EU made us do it". Usually it's down to how each national government interprets each EU directive. Here in the UK, the Gov seems to take each Directive literally and enacts laws to implement said directive in it's most extreme form. Meanwhile in, for example, France, the law(s) implementing the same directive seem to be generally more forgiving and lax and work to the assumption that the Directive is guidance rather than dictat.

Not forgetting, of course, that some of the most outrageous implantations of EU Directives where the gov has blamed the EU were Directives where had a big hand in creating them in the first place.

Despite Cameron and his remainers, you'd almost think that successive governments of the last decade or two had contrived this anti-EU sentiment precisely to get the UK out of the EU.

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