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Great phone BUT......

I have just upgraded to this phone, i've always been a HTC fan, but since O2 stopped doing HTC's i had to get the closest alternative....up until month ago, i had never heard of "onePlus" had really look at what the phone had to offer. It Looks almost like the HTC One M9 i upgraded from, it has more storage and the battery life is amazing, i can comfortably get 2 days out of a single charge.


It doesn't use a standard MicroUSB Charger, it uses its own "lightening port" the Micro USB Charger i have at work, in the car and at home were rendered useless.......until i found Cheap Knock off Micro USB to Lightening port convertord on ebay for £3....they work, but don't charge at lightning speed.

Overall, amazed with the phone, but disappointed with the use of a proprietary charger....

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