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" the development team are trying to utilise every buzz-tool you've heard of such as Docker, ElasticSearch,Kubernetes etc so they can scale.."

I fear you are about to discover that they are doing this for reasons other than scale". Unless you mean scale the career ladder at another company where some manager or other has also "heard of" these things and convinced themselves that they absolutely MUST hire someone with experience of them whatever they have to pay.It's a win-win for the developers as they get paid for learning the skills that make them even more money (and why not, that's always good) and they get to screw up or not do things efficiently with their first attempt at using immature tech that probaqbly has substandard documentation, a relatively small online community so you can't get help easily for problems, no real established patterns for optimal efficiency, etc, etc.

So your company gets left with their poor first attempt at a system using all this stuff, which may become an expensive headache if any one of the buzz tools making up the foundations of your systems proves itself to be rubbish, unreliable, or falls out of fashion as quickly as it got hyped up.

Then you have to replace the ones that left with very expensive staff, cos there's so few people around with these skills.Eventually someone says "enough", the whole lot is chucked in the bin and the cycle begins again.

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