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MPs suggest introducing web blocking to tackle suicide rates in UK

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How about

those 'sharing caring' mps actually get around to having a country WORTH living in.

Where if you are unable to work you are not a "worthless work shy layabout" or if you are unable to work due to a combination of being on benefits coupled with low wages in your area you are not a "lazy worthless brit".

Or having to work a ZHC, where you may earn 400 quid one week and 0 the next and be unable to claim for help because 'you're still technically employed' so its off to the 1000% payday loans people(we used to call those folks loan sharks)

Or perhaps moving up the scale, you are forced to make an appearance at work while suffering badly from 'flu because your line manager will mark you down on the appraisals and you'll lose any pay rise for the year.

In short , give people something to live for instead of some hell hole where the MPs care first about lining their own pockets, the party comes second and f*** the rest of us until its election time

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