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would imagine that 10E-(a large number) of websites don't use cookies at all

I suspect it's just the opposite. I can't speak for LAMP-based sites, but if you're using ASP in any flavour, you get cookies as part of the architecture.

Any e-commerce site will be using them, because without some kind of state management, any form of basket management is impossible. There are alternatives to that which the EU defines as a cookie, such as modifying the URL, storing state in the DOM, or using "Flash cookies", but they are all "worse" than standard HTTP cookies for compatibility and user-acceptance.

A lot of cookies are benign, anyway, and aren't used for user tracking. Our product is priced in GBP, USD and EUR, and a visitor can select their preferred currency. We pre-select based on a geo-lookup on their first visit, but that's not perfect, and just because, for example, a visitor is in Europe doesn't mean that they always want pricing in Euros. We keep their selected preference in a cookie. No user tracking, just a small convenience for them.

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