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Good and Evil Cookies

You need cookies on any site you log in on (or fill in a form etc), as stupidly HTML is stateless. This is good use.

A site blocking their images because you blocked their tracking cookie is malicious, bad. (Guardian and others).

A third party using cookies and/or scripts (default Facebook button) and/or fonts and/or javascript libraries and/or images (including single clear pixels with unique URL) is an evil abuse of privacy to track your total behaviour all day. Google Analytics and Google DNS is evil, because Google don't just provide the analytics to site, nor your DNS lookups, but add that to the profile.

Webmasters: Install adverts locally*. Install all scripts locally (ads do get used to serve malware as well as track), install web fonts locally*, only serve your own session tracking cookie, and only if a user is logging in. Anything else is dishonest, privacy busting, less robust and insecure.

[Locally means your own domain / server farm]

Dystopian novelists never imagined the lengths that corporations would go to, except maybe John Brunner (Shock Wave Rider) and Harry Harrison ("to the stars trilogy" and the Teddy short story)

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