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Re: ,So there's an online fix for not being able to get online?

Or, you know, you could run "ipconfig /release" and "ipconfig /renew" to get back online and then download the update.

Sure, that was the first thing I tried on the Misses' laptop and it worked.


There is zero chance I'm going to be able to get my mother to type those commands on her's. She now reads emails and will finally even read text messages on her phone, but despite having worked as a typist in the past she is not prepared to send email or texts. The chances of getting her (and I'm extrapolating from her) and millions of similar people to do an ipconfig... are zero.

If she gets the problem it will have to wait until I can drive over and see her. In the mean time I'll just hope she's not been affected, and hope even more that if she has, my father who as debenture hasn't tried to fix it for her.

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