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Microsoft quietly emits patch to undo its earlier patch that broke Windows 10 networking

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Anonymous Coward

So why, oh why do you still trust these clowns?

It's not clear which Windows Update patch caused the cockup, as Microsoft is deliberately vague about the contents of each upgrade on its website, and the Redmond giant refused to say which download was the culprit.

If you are in need of platform security to protect, say, business confidentiality or customer details, would you really feel comfortable with what oozes out of Redmond, especially now they've gone extra opaque "to protect the customers themselves" (I corrected their marketing with what reality there)? You have no clue what's going to happen next - every single update could take down if not your company (because you're forced to commit extra resources to thoroughly test each patch without even knowing what you're testing for), then your customers, and guess who they'll blame?

That said, those who didn't notice the wake-up call called Vista many years ago and then the reasons that gave Windows 10 the nick name "Slurp" probably deserve what they get. It's not like they haven't had enough warning by now..

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