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Gove did mean well, but he failed. He is not evil, few are. Actually 95% of politicians are there to try to improve the world, 90% fail.

5% are there for reasons of power, not public service.

A few are idiots (Thornberry, Abbot)

Quite a few are lead by religious views (May, Farron, Owen Thingy)

There are a few dinosaurs (Corbyn)

A lot try and fail (Cameron, Clegg)

A small number are power hungry (Blair)

And a very small number are worth listening to (Clarke, Field)

Education, well it has been messed around with for years, a lot of it political dogma overcoming common sense.

I was at a streamed comprehensive, worked pretty well, my daughter a grammar (very good), boys an academy (OK). Now the left hate streaming and helping those of ability, the right support it.

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