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Its worth noting that the money you paid was for the hardware - they aren't taking the slightest bit of that away from you. So, in a strict sense, you still have what you paid for, it doesn't do all the neat tricks it once did, but then again, what you purchased was...hardware. Really is this simple, friend. You can never buy software - not even open source. You buy a license and every license agreement says the publisher can pretty well do what they want with it, with or without your consent, and if you don't like it, too bad, you don't own the OS, the applications, or anything else. You bought a license to use it all in whatever form the publishers of all the various bits.

So you bought hardware, and you can keep it for as long as you want. Eventually, you'd be wanting to trade the thing in for a shinier model with more stuff. Its just an earlier trade than one might normally do. And, Samsung *could* refuse to accept trade-in on these after a certain time - the trade-in won't be there forever. The longer you cling to "its MINE, I paid for it!" the more risk you have of shelling out 600 more for another...smarter to trade it in while it lessens the bill for the next generation, hopefully this time, a bit less of a "hot selling item".

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