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"Simon says this was run by the RAND corporation. They've been researching, and influencing policy, for sixty-odd years, so yes, I would expect the outcomes at least to be placed within easy reach of the policy-makers and executives. "

One of the more eyebrow raising discoveries by the RAND corporation was that no nuclear-authorised US military officer will ever use the things. In simulations run during the 1960s-80s they tended to only use them once, then in all subsequent runs, try everything else - including surrendering - _even if the other side has tossed them first_.

The "Nuclear option" so beloved of politicians, isn't. Soldiers pledge allegiance to their country and it's one of those things where the only way to win is not to play - and not to accept such an order.

This is another one of those scenarios. Declaring war and "hacking back" overtly will result in all hell breaking loose.

Intellectual property has been stolen and traded for hundreds of years, one example being Marco Polo's silkworms and pasta. One of the more interesting paths to innovation is when something is copied _badly_ and the copiers actually come up with new ways of doing things as a result (pasta being an example of the latter as an italian version of rice noodles).

In terms of a Tekwar, the problems can be as bad as a nuclear one and using the civilian population of XYZ country as a target is an idea which WILL come back to bite you, even if that's things like targetting the infrastructure to damage power and water supplies. Don't forget that one of the fastest ways to recruit terrorists to attack ABC country is simply for ABC country to drop bombs on his family for no apparent reason - and it doesn't matter if the bombs are literal or logic bombs - if they kill people you'll end up with a steady stream of revenge-seekers.

Everything is too interconnected to consider this kind of thing. Imagine the effect of energy supplies in the central USA being cut off in the depths of winter. How long before people freeze to death? etc. etc.

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