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You haven't spent much time working have you? Or are you still in school?

Yes, doing something you think is stupid and without purpose is frustrating, but if that's what the boss wants, just do it. .. then just do it to the best of your ability - what's the problem?

Some people are actually invested in and care about the firms they work for, and the stress screwups can cause their co-workers - whom they also care about. And if you're doing your job (eg making sure the IT keeps working smoothly), then you're pro-active about making sure that the systems you care for continue to work properly, even if that means introducing your boss to a bag of quicklime (El Reg, we really need that BOFH icon!)

Nobody is going to blame you for someone else's decision.

Yeah right. See the Naivety quote from GoodOldHarold..

On the flip side, how would you like it if your subordinate or employee refused to do what you asked (or deliberately made it fail) because they thought your idea was stupid?

I've had the priviledge of working for people who valued their employee's input, and have also been an employer myself. In both cases "This is stupid, you need to..." held the possibility of a pay rise, and potentially saved lives as well. I had a plan which seemed great to me, but had a flaw I could not see. Junior who had little experience was still able to see the flaw, and it saved a lot of hassle.

Any employee should be able to raise issues they see with a plan, and unless the issues they raise are really stupid, they should be discussed if necessary, or at least a polite explanation as to why there isn't an issue should be given. Granted, some people are too stupid for (polite) words, but if someone is well-meaning and their concern is reasonable, why not give them an ear?

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