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"It is not for you, me, Samsung or anyone else to take that choice away from the owner."

Even the most extreme libertarian (e.g. me) will disagree with you on this. It's a basic rule of any civilised society that the right to swing your fist ends at my nose. What you are complaining about here is that a manufacturer will not allow you to wilfully endanger third parties. The way these things work is that the person likely to be injured will be some innocent third party who didn't know that your explosive device was in your luggage/car/hotel room etc.

There are many circumstances where we put limits on individual liberties. For example we tend to frown on people who carry round explosives in their pockets, those who drive at 100mph on the pavement even when they can see that it is clear, people who mix poisons in drinks bottles and leave them lying around because *they* know that the bottle contains a poison that just happens to look like Coca-Cola in a Coca-Cola bottle (etc.)

There's a difference between advocating liberty and being purely selfish and thoughtless. You have crossed over the line.

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