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Retired System Architect

They have put you in a NO WIN situation. They are meddling with things they do not understand. They want to exercise their power for what they think are neat ideas. But those ideas do not follow industry best practices or conventions. You will not increase your knowledge and skills by following their directions. And, it is unlikely you will learn anything more in the environment they are creating for you. No matter what you do, they will think you are taking too long and your effort is unsatisfactory.

Don't try to get even or complain. Don't even talk about it in your interviews. A negative prior experience just makes you look bad. Start looking for another job IMMEDIATELY. Get the two of them together and say you have to resolve their differences with some kind of standard. Once that is established. Start doing the work. Your goal is to have the job only half done, and a new job, when the shit hits the fan. The users will complain bitterly. And, no matter how careful you are, there will be errors and omissions. There will be complaints about those things as well. By the time they have hired your replacement and resumed the project, they will be famous as campus buffoons.

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