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Re: Want to see a "young earther" squirm?

Hopefully it'll get hammered out before PE Bluto takes office.

Note that if the blustering blowhard cancels water delivery from the Colorado River to Mexico, Mexico will retaliate by stopping water delivery to the agricultural area of the Rio Grande valley in Texas (they own Rio Conchos).

The most alarming thing in all of this is that PE Bluto claimed that there was no water shortage in California and the other Western States, and in fact there was obviously more than enough, and that the drought was a figment of the Dem's imagination ...

And sadly, after many year of contention, the Western States & Mexico have finally been negotiating in good faith these last several years. The soon-to-be BigFatIdiot-in-chief is in position to completely balls that up ... and probably will.

Ah, well. We live in interesting times. I think I'll relax and have a homebrew. This round is on me.

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