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This comment stood out to me as being too true. Some people engineer awkward situations as a means of control

I recently left a job as Head of Tech at a husband / wife owned shop where the wife overruled almost every decision I made because back in the 90s she was CTO at some bank and knew best. The typical week goes


Boss: We need this and this, what do we need and how long will it take to make happen?

Me: 3 days to create, a couple for QA and then on Friday we can watch the rollout for stability

Wife: That should only take about...a day TOPS

Boss: Get it done or you're fired

Me: I could get this part done by today but, we definitely shouldn't use it in production


Me: It's done but, there are some catches which could be dangerous. Don't use x and y until I say so

Boss: Great, put it up

Wife: *Uses the thing I told her not to*

Boss: Why is it F'ing broken!?!?

Wife: His stuff always breaks, utterly shit

Me: I'll get it fixed, seems that x and y were used despite being told otherwise

Wife: Hurry and get it fixed

*Spend half the day fixing problem wife caused*


Me: OK, by the end of today, x will be done. Please DO NOT use x until I say so

Wife: Excellent. *Uses x right before boss checks*

Me: Are you kidding? *stays late to complete*


Me: *Gets work done, sends email to both letting them know that it is done but, needs a day QA*

Wife: It should be good enough

Boss: I expected this to be done by Tuesday, why do i always have to F'ing do everything myself?

Me: I stated (with business interests first) what we should have done and how to approach it. Things got complicated when rushing. To stop it happening in the future, I've put in this step we should all follow to make sure the whole process is clear

Boss: This is my f***ing company and it makes profit because of the way I manage it. Do you think you could run this company better than me?

Me: *Bites tongue*


*Without the necessary QA done, inevitably an error occurs*

Wife: I thought you said it was done. You set such bad expectations and the results are s**t

Me: Let me get this fixed first and then we'll talk. *Fix* It happened because x, wasn't' covered in the limited tests we had time to do after being rushed. Enjoy the weekend

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