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Its unsafe. You've been told its unsafe and you've been told not to use it. If you ignore that advice you're an idiot and deserve to have your ass reamed in jail

Not the case in the UK. There's been a known safety problem with some Whirlpool group tumble dryers for some years now, making them at risk of catching fire. The recall has been slow and ineffective, despite publicity the faulty machines are still causing fires (a recent one did set a towerblock ablaze, though no fatalities), and in other cases people have died. Whirlpool aren't in court (yet, certainly), and none of the users are likley to be sued or prosecuted. Look at the pictures on the link below, ask yourself why Whirlpool are still in business. By comparison Samsung,s actions on the Note 7 make them look like a corporate saint (although Samsung's risks are a tad wider, they're exposed to things like in-flight cabin fires, whereas I haven't seen many passengers operating tumble dryers in aircraft).

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