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@Sloppy -really ?

who cares why it was - maybe I'm a terrible thief. Maybe I had a newer card I'd used once. WTF has that got to do with my argument. jesus christ.

5 downvotes - I expected more from commentards.

let me try to be more specific.

BLINDINGLY obviously in this case, samsung is doing what makes sense within the current law (or lack of them)

1. they blow up

2. it's the first time so no precedent.

What about next time ?

Where is the laws to stop this happening when say they decide to brick it to make you buy the new one, or because they don't like you (hell - since for Sloopy - you don't pay your bill on your unrelated but by same company 'evilcorp' credit card).

May evilcorp pull out of supporting ireland/canada/fecking whitley bay and decide to geo brick all devices there ?

Surely my point was clear enough to see that what I was getting at.

Restore my faith that the educated commentard masses have not been replaced by SloopyFWs

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