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Personal safety and a dangerous precident

I wonder how many of the small percentage of people who will be in some form of critical situation (i.e. stuck on a rock face somewhere, travelling around the world etc) and will suddenly find themselves completely cut off because of this. Perhaps they would have returned the phone earlier if the operators didn't stick to other policies like their locking phones to a particular network which makes it difficult to get a replacement in other countries than where you purchased the phone. We are after all very mobile around this big ball of mud.

Anyone got an idea of what will happen if you are with vendor X but roaming on vendor Y's network when this happens ??

I'm also worried about the precedent this sets if a manufacturer can, after you have purchased a device decide to do a remote kill on it. Given the push towards the cloud and the always on approach for gadgets, then how long will it be before someone decides to kill all the fridges that are 3 days outside their warranty.

Now lets do the same when a malicious actor does the same across a product range - perhaps a Tesla car that is in motion or similar.

Suddenly the always-connected / cloud only economy doesn't look like such a good idea.

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