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Wish they would concentrate on tightening the spec

Who needs higher data rates when it is not always reliable even for low speed devices like a keyboard? Fix the problems in the spec that make those things happen, make it no play well with 2.4 GHz wifi etc. and make THAT BT 5.0. Let 5.0 devices drop back to older standards when necessary, but have the 5.0 spec drop all the baggage from older standards that made it not work as well.

Then if you had all 5.0 gear it would just work. If they want to know how, just ask Apple since this is basically what they did to their devices to make them work reliably with each other since the Bluetooth spec is just a giant steaming pile of one turd laid upon another that's a total crapshoot when it comes to interoperability between two random devices.

Making Bluetooth go faster is like sticking a hemi engine in a Yugo. When it works it'll go real fast, so long as you do anything unexpected, like wanting to stop or turn!

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