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>Only the rinky dinkiest of operations I've worked at have used names, initials or any permutation thereof for logins.

Interesting. I've never worked anywhere that does not use names or initials for usernames and while some have been "rinky dink" setups others have been globals where individual project costs would reach billions of dollars. There have been a couple of 3rd party applications where usernames were account numbers but in both cases I can think of these were shared logins (tut tut).

A proper UID is something I'd find more pleasing from a geek point of view but I suspect it isn't what people (apparently users are people) want.

I could certainly see it being disagreeable for Windows shops where email addresses are increasingly used for login. (Or at least where UPN is used for login and it is desirable for UPN to equal primary email address).

How is the UID <-> human name translation handled for reporting? Separate lookup table of some sort or custom fields in an existing user directory?

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