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When I worked in Academia, we used to have <classname ID><initials> as the login ID; e.g. Computer Science 2nd year Bob Smith would be cs2bs.

When I was at Uni the computer centre used to have everything automated. All usernames were XXXXnnnn, so they started with AAAA0000 and incremented until, presumably, ZZZZ9999. Once you got an ID it followed you for years, so each year they would run a script to create the next set of logins for the freshman entrants.

Fortunately they did it mechanically, so if they expected around 180 new students they ran off 200 IDs. This meant that the last 20 or so were created but unassigned, giving those of us who'd figured out the system access to lots more free storage & CPU credits for personal projects. Of course it helped that the initial passwords were also mechanically generated...

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