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Identity management, no one understands it

No, absolutely no-one ... Even in big IT corporation, you only have a single chap out of thousands of IT people that can differentiate between login, first name, second name, display name ...

I was once in a company using X.500 directory for emails. Names displayed were "second name, first name" whenever looking up in the email directory.

And there was this chap called Pierre (first name) François (second name) working as a designer, and his alter ego called François (first name) Pierre (second name) being an HR director.

And there was this nutball VP assistant picking up the wrong address for sending a file named "factory_redondancy_list.xls" (they're all XLS aren't they ?) and crying foul to the (me) mail admin that the X.500 directory needs to be sorted by order of (people) importance.

Good (not) times it was ...

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