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From a user's point of view...

Notwithstanding the PIA work in changing, from a user PoV I can see the sense in not having strict rules for email addresses. A couple of friends use their middle names because they hate their first names - so they are pissed off every day by having email addresses in their hated names due to company policy which just plucks names from the HR d/b and is cast in iron from that point on. A colleague who hails from somewhere east goes by his surname all the time, except with his mum, because his given name is about 30 characters long - yet in his first job his email address was They had to change it eventually because back in the day some systems wouldn't take addresses >32 characters and, frankly, some people were ignoring the mails because they didn't know anyone called that.

For me, from a practical PoV, it's always good to be able to read the mail and see who it's going to by checking the email address. You know - when you're sending that sensitive mail and this time you really do check all the addresses individually (not the alias from the address book) before hitting send to avoid all that embarrassment (again).

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