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Sysadmin told to spend 20+ hours changing user names, for no reason

Chris King Silver badge

I once ran a system that would die horribly if anyone tried to remove or rename the account of one of the previous sysadmins. Nobody could work out why the machine dived every time they tried, so they had to leave the account on the system in a disabled state.

My systems are built to something I've called the "V'Ger Rule" - a machine must continue to operate in a correct and safe manner in the absence of its Creator.

Put another way:

1. No blowing up any spaceships ;

2. No joyriding in Carbon Units ;

3. Fat, balding starship captains are to be shot on sight, especially ones that follow the "If you can't eat it, drink it, steal it, spend it or have sex with it, blow it up" mantra.

Harold's boss sounds too much like a Kirk Unit, making such demands.

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