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Just had a quick grep and there's enough authors who used the phrase to get a class action together, just with what I have kicking about locally:

Andre Norton - Dark Piper

2918 dont want to be, Vere. Not if Kynvet is like Feeholme. Winter is coming; we must get home

Andre Norton - Dark Companion

4179 "Winter is coming; we must get home before the passes close," I continued as if I did not hear her, for I

Ann Maxwell - The Jaws of Menx

3399 speak no more of serat things, Shiya whispered. Im alone and winter is coming.

Anne McCaffrey - Ship 3 - The Ship Who Searched

6434 handle? Winter is coming on, and I can't predict what the native animals are

Anne McCaffrey - Twins of Petaybee 01 - Changelings

5624 "Besides," Da said, "there's no hurry. Winter is coming and Ke-ola's folk don't care for the

Avram Davidson - The Woman who Thought she Could Read

115 My father said, "You mean you can tell a bad winter is coming from the beans?"

Barbara Hambly - James Asher 2 - Traveling With the Dead

7016 ache. Winter is coming on. This city will be under snow. A master fighting for

Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 1 - Winter King

13074 are thick with berries, both signs that a harsh winter is coming. Sagramor once told me there were places

Bernard Cornwell - Warlord 2 - Enemy of God

752 one remaining hand. And tonight is Samain Eve and tomorrow is a new year. The winter is coming. The

Brian W. Aldiss - Helliconia Winter

2650 "The winter is coming," was all he said. His face was drawn into bitter lines.

C. J. Cherryh - Fortress 2 - Fortress of Eagles

7556 Winter is coming, snow, and ice. So they tell me. Take care, take

C. S. Friedman - In Conquest Born

12590 We lost five more today, bringing the total to half our number. The winter is coming quickly now and we

Carol Emshwiller - The General

278 Winter is coming. The weather will worsen. We've postponed our search, perhaps until spring, perhaps forever.

Catherine Asaro - The Phoenix Code

486 "Winter is coming and they have a long way to go." He sounded more relaxed now. "So

Dan Parkinson - Dragonlance Heroes 2 - The Gates of Thorbardin

5352 "Do you suppose winter is coming early this year "

Dan Chernenko - Scepter of Mercy 01 - The_Bastard King

7817 winter is coming on. Nothing much will happen out in the provinces till spring at the

Dave Duncan - A Man Of His Word 1 - Magic Casement

2074 for a reply. Winter is coming. You will love the sea voyage in summer, my dear,

David Drake - General 03 - The Anvil

7214 cloth and fuel. Winter is coming, and it's hard enough for us in

David Drake - General 04 - The Steel

4517 the general position, now that winter is coming to an end."

David Drake - General 05 - Conqueror

7666 Poor men have no savings, no warehouses of food and cloth and fuel. Winter is coming, and it's hard

15947 general position, now that winter is coming to an end."

David G. Hartwell - Year's Best SF 5

9378 She sniffed. “Dear Night-Dawn. Always dreaming. But first we must eat, for winter is coming.”

David Gemmell - Drenai Tales 09 - Hero In The Shadows

2976 'Perhaps,' said Kysumu. 'But when I see birds flying south I know winter is coming. They do not need to be large

David Zindell - Ea Cycle 03 - Black Jade

398 when winter is coming?'

Deborah Chester - The Sword, The Ring, & The Chalice 3 - The Chalice

3183 “Good. I could hunt the eld-folk on my own, but winter is coming soon, and I must find what I seek

Elizabeth Willey - A Sorcerer And A Gentleman

713 "Exactly. Winter is coming."

Eric Flint - Grantville Gazette - Vol 2

1353 "Winter is coming," said Donovan, halting his friend's rant cold.

1817 we need to leave as soon as possible. Winter is coming, as you constantly remind me. How many men

2294 "Winter is coming."

Harry Harrison - Eden 02 - Winter in Eden

10827 "Winter is coming, Eistaa, winter without end. Each winter the snow is lower on the mountain. One day

J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit

7702 winter is coming on fast. Before long you will be having snow and what not,

Jane Lindskold - Firekeeper Saga 2 - Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart

5782 to your queen's benefit. Indeed, why go so far as Dragon's Breath? Winter is coming and the Sword of

Jane Lindskold - Firekeeper Saga 3 - The Dragon of Despair

14131 the count. You reason like a late-autumn pup." That was one born when the winter is coming, and so

Janny Wurts - Light & Shadows 2 - The Ships of Merior

9418 'Winter is coming everywhere else,' Dakar prodded. 'The Scimlade

Jean M. Auel - 2 - The Valley of Horses

3446 and winter is coming."

Jennifer Roberson - CotC 1 - Shape-Changers

7053 Winter is coming. Your coal must be thick and warm. A heavy

John Crowley - Engine Summer

1457 hot again, and summer returns for a time. Winter is coming; you know that from

4260 winter is coming."

John Dalmas - Farside 3 - The Lion Returns

6299 have wooded areas. And winter is coming, with its long nights. Armies travel mostly on roads. Their

John Marco - Tyrants and Kings 1 - The Jackal of Nar

5678 The castle never seemed so large before, and winter is coming. We will

5721 remembered. Outside the world has turned a watery gray. Winter is coming

John Morressy - The Juggler

1771 peace," said Sir Hubert, crossing himself. "My daugh-ter is leaving me now, and the winter is coming. This

John Norman - Gor 18 - Blood Brothers of Gor

14988 "The Kaiila have little meat," I said. "Winter is coming."

John Varley - Blue Champagne

8981 excuse not to write... and the Mac made it even easier! Now winter is coming on, I've missed a

Kate Elliott - Crown of Stars 4 - Child Of Flame

28057 shudder. Winter is coming, and they will all struggle to survive among the ruins.

Kate Elliott - Crown of Stars 3 - The Burning Stone

12809 We must learn more of this 'Nokvi' before we fight him. Winter is coming on, and

Kate Forsyth - Eileanan 02 - Pool Of Two Moons

9627 "Winter is coming, we shall have to see what we can do for ye," Iseult said, leading the way through the

Kate Forsyth - Eileanan 03 - The Cursed Towers

13464 will both die in the snows. Winter is coming and ye do no' ken the ways o' the mountains or where the

Kate Elliott - Jaran 4 - The Law of Becoming

20560 "Good wool cloth," said Jaelle instantly. "Winter is coming on."

Kathleen O' Neal & Michael W. Gear - People 6 - People of the Lakes

21292 warning the world that winter is coming."

Kim Wilkins - Giants of the Frost

13802 climb high up in a tree because winter is coming and the sky is grey; snow pitches down and ice hangs on

Kim Wilkins - The Autumn Castle

12213 "What you're doing is upsetting the balance of the seasons. Winter is coming early."

13852 disappeared with the royal magic, six faeries have been murdered, winter is coming, and their queen is

L. E. Modesitt - Recluce 02 - Scion of Scyador

5836 Winter is coming, with the cold rains, and chill winds, and with it, I would hope, fewer

L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 01 - The Awakening

5722 "Winter is coming, Elena," he said, and his voice was clear and chilling even over the howl of the wind.

L. J. Smith - Vampire Diaries 02 - The Struggle

205 "Winter is coming, Elena," he said, and his voice was clear and chilling even over

Leo Frankowski - Stargard 1 - Crosstime Engineer

2068 "But how is that going to keep you alive? Winter is coming on."

Leo Frankowski - Tank 3 - Kren of the Mitchegai

12873 won't be a problem at first, because winter is coming on, and they will

Mercedes Lackey - In Celebration of Lammas Night

2283 you like to have someone to warm you? Winter is coming. You could have a babe

Michael Chabon - McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury

3024 Winter is coming. The weather will worsen. We've postponed our search, perhaps until spring, perhaps forever.

Nebula Awards 2002 - The Nominated Stories

11106 creeping into me. "Winter is coming," I said in a puff of steam and had one fleeting vision of Cavanaugh, his leaves

P. N. Elrod - Vampire Files 01 - Bloodlist

1462 "I think winter is coming," he said, and winked at me. It was only

Parke Godwin - Firelord

1945 forgetful, but winter is coming. Prince Peredur, when you have quite heard

Patricia White - A Wizard Scorned

4954 "We must go whether I'm strong enough or not," he said slowly. "Winter is coming all too soon, it must

Paul Kearney - Monarchies of God 1 - Hawkwoods Voyage

11620 sources report that it is somewhat demoralized. Winter is coming on, the Thurian passes are closed and

Robin Hobb - Soldier Son 03 - Renegade's Magic

1736 will be months before they undo my destruction. Winter is coming

7060 'Winter is coming. It's right to be cold in winter. The wind will

Roger Taylor - Nightfall 1 - Farnor

2409 feel when a thunderstorm is about to break, or that quality in the air that tells us winter is coming . . . who

Sarah Ash - The Tears of Artamon 1 - Lord of Snow and Shadows

5553 "A harsh winter is coming . . ." The voice that

Scott Westerfeld - Succession 1 - The Risen Empire

8127 Legis population is all in the northern hemisphere, where winter is coming."

Spider Robinson - The Mind 2 - Time Pressure

4035 when Winter is coming on fast and you still don't have your firewood cut or your house

STAR TREK - SNW - 008 - Book VIII

224 sheepish grin. "I have to warn you. Winter is coming up here." He passed each of the four

Star Wars - [Jedi Apprentice 06] - The Uncertain Path (by Jude Watson)

1377 the city. The people are already unhappy with us. They're cold, and winter is coming. They need to see

Stephen Baxter - Huddle

1129 winter is coming."

Stephen King - The Stand

12236 winter is coming), they're eating out of cans, they're miserable. A strongman

Tanith Lee - Delerium' Mistress

9114 "Winter is coming," said the prince's daughter. "The leaves will blacken and the fruit become

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