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What is more of an issue is the content of the letter around legislation. They want the same legislation for new entrants as established manufactures. Established manufactures appear to be far more cautions with new technology, primarily because they are not tech companies. The industry has a pretty well defined safety first viewpoint and when there are problems, they are mostly recalled in reasonable time. The technology industry on the other hand has an appalling record of supplying equipment and software that does not work or breaks at unexpected times. Given the controversy around Tesla essentially beta testing software in the field, one can only surmise that Apple wants the same lax regulation. There has to be a reappraisal of the regulation as the technology is being pushed too quickly and we are now in the situation where lives are at risk. If a vehicle with some sort of autonomous control goes wrong and kills a load of innocent people, exactly who is to blame? If the software has crashed, then is it the manufacturer? Should the "driver" have been aware that the software has crashed and been able to take back control? There is simply insufficient information around this but the implications are huge. A software license generally allows you to use something but is full of so many disclaimers, there is no comeback if does not do what it is supposed to or crashes due to a bug and loses data.

One only has to look at the likes of Uber and AirBnB where they are doing everything possible to avoid regulation because they believe they are a technology company, not a Taxi firm or Accommodation Agency. This is precisely why regulation is needed, and needed sooner rather than later.

Personally, if someone wants a self driving car, then just order a taxi.

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