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"How about some reality..."

Oh look everyone! it's an AC with a controversial opinion! Hiya!

"Americans were fleeing BRITISH anti-religious persecutors..."

Nope. For one, they were mostly Dutch and set sail from Dutch ports. Some of the passengers were "Society of Friends" types, who were insisting, in Britain, that THEIR version of religion should be imposed on the nation. The Nation, which was not very far past tearing down the catholic church and installing a new protestant one of their own (kings) design rejected that, so the Pilgrim Fathers buggered off across the sea in a snit to set up their own (highly restrictive and fundamentalist) religious enclave. See: Cult

No atheists involved at all; two different psuedo-religious sects having a pop at each other for political purposes.

" the muslims you have let invade your country are not going to be as generous as Christians have been."

Thanks for the LOLz. Name me a country, run by a religious leadership, where other religions are tolerated to the same degree as the "principle" religion of that country. If you want freedom of religion, chap, you'd be worse than to be in the UK, or another similar sectarian nation. You see, us atheists believe in freedom of speech and religion; you can believe what you like here, we don't care, unless you try to impose it on others by force or by law, then we get annoyed. Can't think of a religious nation where that's true, can you?

"You fools fail to even have a single tolerant and respectable bone in your bodies. Far be it for me to interfere when you find out the hard way muslims weren't kidding when the said they would kill all the infidels and bring you the gift of Sharia Law."

Ah, you show your colours. And you say WE'RE not tolerant. Gonna go out a limb here and say you were a Trump voter, right? Mad as hell and want your country back?

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