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Apple again late to another market others pioneered. Or is it?

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Apple are a marketing machine, they are not the first, not the best and probably not the most innovative, but they get the product placement and the product promotion right almost every time.

with respect to Mage's claims of overcharging, there is certainly an Apple premium, and if you do a feature/spec comparison, for every apple device, you will find comparable products at considerably less cost or their main competitors at similar cost, but greatly improved spec.

You bung an Apple logo on it, change the connector to something only apple fanbois have and charge 33% more

On top of this, the Apple eco-system locks you in, to make any use of their products, you need to have apple devices and only apple devices. iCloud can't be accessed from android devices, facetime only works apple to apple, iTunes are only accessible via apple devices (unless you pay more for a third party sync service)

IMHO we will see the iCar (probably a lower spec Milk Float with a LIDAR retrofit) at 33% more than the google car, with DriveOS and Apple Maps Navigation, that requires a constant 5G and DGPS connection (that requires an iNavCloud subscription) and will only charge at iCharge stations (unless you have an adapter (at considerable cost))

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