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"History tells us that a British government attempting to enforce occupation/democracy on India about 100 odd years ago, mixed animal fat with munitions which were going to be handled by Hindu soldiers, with devastating results...." Er, no, that was simply anti-British propaganda. The paper cartridge packets were sealed against moisture (and also to help lubricate the bullet in the rifled barrel of the Pattern 1853 Enfield) with beeswax and mutton grease, but agitators told the troops that the seal used other animal fats, selectively telling them it was beef fat for the Hindus and pork for the Muslims. In an attempt to stop the rumour, the East India Company and the Army offered Indian troops the option to make up their own cartridge packets with vegetable oil tallow, but the agitators simply changed their story to say "That must mean we were right about the animal fats!" As with most such unsuccessful rebellions, the lying agitators (allegedly Imperial Russian spies and/or Hindu nationalists) largely escaped persecution, but the rebels that fought (the Indian sepoys) were eventually killed, imprisoned or executed. Some were executed by being chained to the muzzle of a cannon and blown apart, but before you fall for another myth about that method being a British invention, it was actually copied from the Moghuls.

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