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> Americans were fleeing BRITISH anti-religious persecutors

No, that is quite wrong. Some religious people were fleeing British persecutors from a _different_ religion. Others that wound up in America were being persecuted in _other_ European countries by yet other religious groups. They may have been anti-their-religion, but that is the nature of many religions: catholics killed the cathars, CoE persecuted the catholics (and others).

The main problem is religions that are intolerant of other religions, just as you portray, and you seem to be arrogant and intolerant of non-religious people, too.

> YOU BRITONS; are so arrogant, content and smug with your atheism

People that you label as 'atheists' exist in all parts of the world, as do people that you may label as pagan or some other term because their religion is not the same as yours.

> You fools fail to even have a single tolerant and respectable bone in your bodies.

The irony just broke the scale.

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