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> "just so" stories that change day-by-day

Science is not an unchanging book, it is a process. Yes, our knowledge changes, it does so as more evidence of the world is gathered and is understood more fully. Many centuries ago motion was Aristotelian, later it became Newtonian, then Einstein introduced relativity and even the GPS system must take this into account*.

Presumably that is part of your 'just so stories' that you reject, or are you merely being selective to protect your archaic dogma ?

Genesis was an initial theory about how the world came about, Noah's deluge was an early explanation about why sea shell fossils could be found up a mountain. We know more about the world nowadays, we know that the Earth is a few billion years old and that plate tectonics has scraped sea bed into piles several thousand feet high. Creationism is equivalent to Aristotelianism.

Knowledge changes, ancient books do not. You may 'study the world' religiously, but to me that means 'on your knees with your eyes closed'. You need to open them before you can see reality.

* the satellites move fast enough that the small time dilation would lead to significant errors if this wasn't included in the calculations. Indeed in the initial implementation they were inaccurate for rexactly that reason.

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