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> Why that might be we can only speculate.

I see it as 'SantaClausism'. They have been brought up, or brought themselves up, to hope for a 'present' (to 'be with Jesus' or '24 virgins' or some such) at the end, as long as they believe and keep The Faith.

'The Faith' manifests itself in many different ways, which is why there are thousands of different religions or variations of those religions, and even of personal choices (such as 'I don't believe in "eternal hell"'). People choose 'The Truth' that they want to believe in. This also leads directly to discarding the inconvenient 'items' that tend to show their 'The Truth' as not being actually true.

Ironically, this leads to evolution of religion and of theology. New species of religions arise and old ones become extinct* on a frequent basis. Existing ones change and decry their past, or attempt to hide it. Survival or Revival ? Fittest or Richest ? Is this a natural phenomena or are the various 'gods' pushing and poking to create and destroy.

If you are a creationist and think that others are deriding your beliefs, it is because many put you in the same category as Flat Earthers, UFOlogists and Alchemists.

* In the distant past each society held their leader as being their 'God', in some cases only after death did they become a God (such as the Roman emperors and Kim Jong-il), in other cases they were living Gods (such as Hirohito or the Egyptian Pharaohs). When the next leader succeeded the previous he often became the new deity, though in a dynasty it may have taken some time to replace the previous deities. It seems that the Hebrew kept their [new] deity because they had made a contract with that particular one and replacing him would invalidate the promise of some land. Claims about what 'gods' could do and what they had done was mythology and mere puffery and was passed to the next set of gods in that society. Even Hindus are divided about which gods are the creators and which are the destroyers.

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