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"Excuse me, but I couldn't help overhearing your explanation of that giraffe to your child"


"Yes, quite. As you put it. Fish. But it is quite clearly a giraffe"

"No, it is a fish. If has just specialised"

"It looks nothing like a fish. It has lungs instead of gills, legs instead of fins, fur instead of scales."

"Ah, but back when it was just a foetus, it looked exactly like the foetus of a fish"

"Well that's true for virtually everything that walks, crawls, slithers and whatever. You can't call everything a fish and have any meaningful dialogue about wildlife. We have to give unique names to divergent species if we are ever going to make sense of it all."

"No we don't. That just adds to the confusion and encourages ideas of creationism. No. For better or worse, it's best we keep things very, very simple. You only need to look around you, and see how some humans can conjure fact from fiction and steadfastly believe it, even though they read it in a fictional book"

"You mean like the people looking for King Arthur's relics, even though he was the creation of some Welsh poets"


"Mmm, so if I bought my pescetarian girlfriend a four legged, hide covered, grass munching, mooing fish supper, that'd be OK then?"

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