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>Nonsense really. Apple came late to every product sector after other companies proved there was a market.

Creative didn't prove there was a big market for a big MP3 jukebox that wouldn't fit in your jeans' pocket. In fact, they demonstrated that there wasn't a big market for them. But yes, Sony had already proven there was a mass market for audio players that fit in your pocket with the Walkman and later MiniDisc, and in addition, Sony had shown there was a smaller but lucrative market for very expensive pocket-sized audio players (again, with some models of the cassette Walkman).

I don't consider Apple to be geniuses, but I am often surprised at how often their competitors have dropped the ball. But hey, it makes it interesting to read and to learn why, for example, it wasn't the Sony iPod or Nokia iPhone.

Or heck, why it wasn't the Nintendo PlayStation. Seriously, the Sony employee who fought for and designed the PlayStation (in a market everyone assumed was sewn-up between Sega and Nintendo) was a self-professed admirer of Esslinger's work for Apple, and with the kudos he received for the games console he went on to develop the VAIO range of laptops and desktops - the later aimed at Audio Visual editing. When Jobs killed the MacOS clone scheme, he wanted to make an exception for VAIO gear - in fact, the first x86 builds of OSX were tested on VAIO laptops. Was it genius of Jobs to keep NeXTStep's descendant easily portable between architectures and thus keep his CPU options open? No, it was just common sense.

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