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An example would be radionuclide dating - they will eventually argue that the world is really 6800 years old but all the isotopes & fossils and such were made by the creator to make the Laws of Physics make it look like things (like the planet & universe) are billions of years old.

It's 1:30am here, so I'm going to make this my last post for tonight.. Don't you feel honoured? :)

While I believe the world is thousands of years old, I do not know for sure exactly how old. I do not believe that our Lord ever lied or acted decieptfully. I do believe that some things in physics have changed (eg recent El Reg article on speed of light changing), and that some things may not yet be fully figured out (eg perhaps some chemical reactions can cause some isotypes to decay at other rates - but maybe not explaiing myself veryu clearly). Main point I want to say though is that

fossils are the remains of animals/plants etc that literally existed in our past. God does not want people to have false concepts, and "it is God's will that none will perish" so why would He deliberately plant evidence that could lead people astray?

Ask your relatives why they believe God was deceitful. I would be interested in hearing their logic.

God made the universe to look as old as it really is, not one second older or newer. To me it looks to be a "few" thousand years, but there's some issues with that I haven't yet fully grasped. Not best state to try and explain but basically I accept the possibility of time dilation with an expanding universe, where some of the universe has experienced illions or billions of yaers of time while the Earth has not despite all being made at the same time. I cannot accept that God made light of a supernova only as light from that where the nova did not occur, if we see it then it happened. God is not a man that he should lie!

People who believe God planted false evidence need to have another look at their beliefs, and their Bible - they don't know Him if they think He ever lied!

(My apologies to those who read this. To many days fo to little sleep and I need rest now)

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