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"May faith is strong because I've taken time to prove it"

You can't prove faith. By its very nature it demands acceptance; the certain and sure knowledge of the resurrection and the peace of god in one's heart.

I'm your opposite number, I think. I was a devout, born-again Methodist preacher until I realised it was all complete nonsense and embraced reason, logic and the scientific method as being more worthwhile ways of examining the universe. I still think there is a "spiritual" angle to existence, arising from my study of philosophy (I don't believe we know everything, and have little doubt that some of the things we do not know will be beyond our current comprehension), but I refute the existence of any higher power due to a lack of evidence.

Creationists, in my experience, have a habit of refuting evidence in favour of belief whilst failing to present any evidence themselves, which is a highly flawed and illogical approach to understanding.

I note that you, as with many Christians, revert to biblical knowledge to support your viewpoint, but I have to ask which version of the bible you use, and which revision of that version? How did you reach the decision that your choice of version and revision is the "correct" one?

One of the straws on this camels back, for me, was the simple posit that religion is the acceptance that the truth can be found by reading one book alone as a substitute for enquiry...

""iron sharpens iron". No, it does not. Bang two bits of iron together and you get blunt iron. You need a whetstone to sharpen iron.

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