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you left out earthquakes (or whatever destroyed the walls of Jericho) --- and that "pillar of salt" thing.

- I think an episode of Ancient Aliens covered that...acoustic weapons apparently...

And whatever happened to Sodom and Gomorrah...

- I'v always suspected the ruins are either off the present coast or at the bottom of the Dead Sea (if they exist, or the source of the legend at least) - Unless they moved to the Caribbean and become rebranded as Hedonism2...

..Oh, right,(that, whatever happend to...) according to Ancient Aliens, Atomics, which explains Lots wife being mineralised. Damn more than a mere thunderbolt or RPG style fireball at any rate.

I don't really believe in the whole Ancient Alien thing either, but the questions are fascinating, even if the answers are dubious.

Most of the early Bible is based on Assyrian myths, Genesis mostly, even the god name is thought now to come from a region south of the region between egypt and Babylon.

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