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Adhering precisely to the (now accepted as irrefutable fact) process of evolution,

Actually, by a huge number of people including thousands of respected scientists, it's not. Many don't even consider it as possible. And it clearly still lacks the experimental and actual observation as proof. Widely accepted as fact by many, yes. Proven as fact, or irrefutable? Far from.

you cannot get from Dog to cat, because each represents a local maxima of the environment.

Yet if evolution is true, then it must be possible for the descendants of my cat (or my dog) to, over time, become something that is identical to the other.

Its nice to know that there is now experimental evidence allowing evolution to go from being a scientific theory (experimentally shown to be accurate and peer reviewed for professional consensus) to fact (actually demonstrated in a lab)

As I said earlier, watching my cat have kittens as a kid could've told me what these scientists just worked out. My cats didn't just have a preference for different foods, they even had different coloured coats!

Others here who are evolutionists also have issues with the supposed "proof" in this test. It's not even close, and is so far from proof that even evolutionists are denying it is so! (not saying they deny evolution, just that this specific example is any proof).

In fact, while the specific results may not have been obvious, the nature of them should've been. There's no surprise in there for any one who has any experience breeding animals.

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