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Apple again late to another market others pioneered. Or is it?

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Possible Specs

Extrapolating from the latest range's specs:

Charges from a new proprietary port

non-replaceable battery or parts,

cheap cables and convertors will be available from eBay or the car can be charged at the genius bar

be underpowered requiring a dongle to attache seat belts, steering wheel, airbags...

won't have quick charging,

minimalist design will require the owners to be less than 80Kg/ 180 lbs until a plus size model is made available

carved from a single billet of aluminium in china, assembled in California

sapphire windscreen but will have a scratchable oleophobic coating

No skeuomorphism, so will have five or more wheels (no spare wheel provided).

Non-expandable limited storage capacity unless upgraded at time of purchase

Initially be purchased by youtubers to blow up, shoot, drop and blend.

Will require an iTunes account and cellular service to play music at $1 a track.

Internet enabled dash and interior cams to record those special moments like accidents and dogging.

built in aerial will require all passengers to wear rubber boots and sit in an apple certified position.

no reverse gear.

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