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Apple again late to another market others pioneered. Or is it?

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Millions of Km behind Google etc

You seem to forget that Apple has a test track and 'apparently' they have been using it heavily for the past 18 months.

Apple will naturally be conservative when it comes to actually venturing out on the public highway.

There are sure to be some out there hoping to gain financially from Apple by engineering a crash and suing them for a few million etc etc. All just because they (apple) have the money and need to be taken down a few pegs.

Perhaps it is all a smokescreen?

Are Apple actually going to make an electric car?

We won't know for some time.

At least it keeps more than a few people employed.

Oh, and the USA still uses Feet, Inches, Pounds, Gallons, Pints and Miles. {even if the pints and gallons are the wrong size}

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