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You mean "hire dozens of Windows professionals over" two or three "Linux AND Windows professionals".

One Linux professional can handle many more systems than one Windows professional. The ratios reported are around 50 linux servers to 1 Windows server... But it does vary. Facebook is reported to use 1 engineer for some 1,000,000 users... or 1 engineer per 130 servers (I believe that was for the same engineer).

But the number varies a lot depending on the environment. For a while I was the Kerberos maintenance (and support) for about 15,000 users scattered across the world using several dozen different computer centers, so I tended to get the admins calling about any problems. If I added up all the servers supported that would be several thousand (between 30 and 100 per center, depending on the center).

Anywhere security was mandatory ... left windows out. You can't secure that.

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